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About Cornerstone

Cornerstone has acquired, renovated, re-developed, remediated, leased several million SF of property, and currently manages and owns in excess of 2,000,000 SF of industrial property. Cornerstone uses its own capital for its real estate investments, and has a highly regarded reputation renovating, re-developing, owning, and managing former industrial properties. Post execution of Cornerstone’s re-development plan, the respective property has upgraded its respective surrounding neighborhood, generated significant strong paying job repositioning, and remained close to or fully leased since acquisition.

Cornerstone has broad experience working through all phases of the environmental remediation process with the applicable environmental professionals and local, state, and federal regulatory bodies. The company has successfully executed property transformations involving Superfund, RCRA Corrective Action, and State Environmental Regulatory programs including the CT DEEP Transfer Act program.  Cornerstone is extremely proud of its environmental stewardship. Our investment philosophy remains very long-term, as Cornerstone manages its properties for an indefinite hold period, providing a long-term investment into the community that the respective property serves. Cornerstone directly manages and leases all of its properties, priding itself on its exceptional customer centric approach, maintaining occupancy levels well in excess of 90%.